Truth Aid produces multimedia content about the social barriers to well being and translates research into action. Our content and outreach efforts inspire and empower communities to affect social change. We work through academic affiliations, grant funded initiatives and public private partnerships. Our multimedia projects have been funded by Independent Television Service (ITVS), The Righteous Persons Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, San Francisco Federation Endowment Fund, and others.

Our innovation lab is comprised of a collection of pilot projects we developed and implemented with our community partners.  These partners are a diverse group of individuals and organizations that range from medical professionals to faith based organizations. This work has provided an opportunity for us to develop a formula for innovative community engagement that combines our media production, ethnographic research skills, and educational workshops to help individuals and organizations make a broader social impact.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal to our lab please send an email to: hello@truthaid.org.