Our Work

We produce creative content and educational programming that challenges the world to think different. Through insight consultancy and social innovation, Truth Aid leverages interdisciplinary thought to amplify the impact individuals and organizations can make in their community.

Our services include:

  • Media production and consulting: We are available to produce media projects from conception to distribution or can be brought in to consult on specific elements of a project. Our media production services include: content design and management, script evaluation, writing film and television proposals/ treatments, copy and script writing, creating and monitoring budgets and schedules, rights acquisitions, fundraising and grant writing, production and post-production management. Our creative consulting services include: strategic guidance, concept development and pitching, creating and implementing legal business structure, drafting and negotiating legal agreements (development, production, distribution and talent agreements) and all facets of project management.
  • Outreach: Educational content, programming and audience engagement;
  • Research and analysis; and
  • Strategic guidance.

Contact us to broaden the impact of your next project and/or your organization.