Truth Aid produces multimedia content about the social barriers to well being and translates research into action. Our content creates shared value across diverse stakeholders through the use of compelling narratives and ethnographic research while inspiring and empowering communities to affect social change. We work through academic affiliations, grant funded initiatives and public private partnerships. Our multimedia projects have been funded by Independent Television Service (ITVS), The Righteous Persons Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, San Francisco Federation Endowment Fund, and others.

Our History

Our efforts were born out of the experience of physicians working to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in the South Bronx. We came to realize that conversations about HIV prevention had to start with love, trust, identity, abuse, and support in order to make safe sex a reality. Our efforts to uncover this missing dialogue led us to create new communication strategies to teach about social barriers to well-being that hinged on interdisciplinary methods.

The two principals, Mehret Mandefro and Lacey Schwartz, met during graduate school at Harvard while studying medicine and law respectively. Early in their careers they realized that the emerging issues in their respective disciplines were converging and required integrated approaches. Their collective efforts to think across boundaries and cultivate innovative solutions to tough problems led to Truth Aid.