Video of the month: An AIDS free generation

Secretary Clinton addressed global leaders at the 19th International AIDS Conference and committed to helping usher in an AIDS free generation.  During the same speech, Clinton unveiled five new funding streams aiming to target populations that are particularly affected by HIV/AIDS overseas, touting a “combination prevention” strategy of treatment and prevention.

The five new funding streams total $157 million:

• an additional $80 million to support approaches that ensure HIV-positive pregnant women receive treatment to protect themselves and prevent them from spreading the disease to their children and partners;

• an additional $40 million to support South Africa’s plans to provide voluntary medical male circumcisions for almost half a million boys and men in the next year;

• $15 million for implementation research to identify the specific interventions that are most effective for reaching key populations;

• $20 million to launch a challenge fund to support country-led plans to expand services for key populations; and

• a $2 million investment in the Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund to bolster the efforts of civil society groups in addressing key populations.


Watch the  video of her address. For a transcript of her remarks, click here.